The BlessNations Experience is a three-month program in which you discover the Bible on site. We get to know the Islamic and Jewish world and thus expand our intercultural understanding. For one month we serve through different outreaches in the Jewish and Arab context. All of that serves the goal to equip you to live a Kingdom culture and Christ centered life among different cultures back home. Right where you are! Come and see!
Two months


During the first two months you will experience intensive training in Jerusalem with top speakers from all over the world.

One month


For four weeks you will complete an outreach with a team in the Jewish or Arab environment in Israel.

The training phase is based on six foundational values.

Bible study

We study the word of God through contextual Bible study.

Bible sightseeing

We visit biblical sights and experience and learn the stories up close.


We dive into the Arab and Jewish world.


You choose your track: languages (English or Hebrew), Kraf Maga, M4, church planting or leadership


We live, eat and celebrate together.


We serve the locals during the experience.

Weekly schedule

Monday thoughThursday

Mornings: ClassesAfternoons: Tracks


Field trips in IsraelExperience the Bible on site


Church serviceOutreach


Day off


For the last month we will be working in teams in a Jewish or Arab context in Israel. Whether in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem or Galilee – together we define the teams and the different outreach options.

Our speakers

Andrea di Meglio

Schmuel Kahn

Oivind Augland

Adi Furrer

Martin Bühlmann

and many more


July to September 2022


In the center of Jerusalem.


CHF 4800.00 (1600.00 monthly)

More Info

All the little details

The requirement for the experience is a completed apprenticeship, a high school diploma or an education similar to a high school diploma. We are open to all age groups, with a focus on young people between 18 and 35 years of age.

Married couples are welcome. The first person pays 100% of the costs, the second person receives a 50% discount. As a couple, you are entitled to a double room.

  • The school fee includes: food, accommodation, local transport in connection with the experience, school material, speakers, all tracks except language lessons, outreach, etc.
  • Married couples receive a discount: 50% for the second person.
  • The school fee does not include: travel to and from the school and any visas (not required for CH, D and A), language lessons (private teacher), insurance (health insurance, cancellation insurance), personal expenses.
  • We recommend budgeting USD 300.00 per month for personal expenses.
  • The school fee must be paid one month before the start of school. We will send you an invoice.

If you cannot finance the school fees, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work together to find a solution.

You book your flight to Israel yourself. If you need help – our travel partner Mideast Tours GmbH will be happy to help.

No visa is required for people from CH, D and A. You can spend three months as a tourist in Israel. Citizens of other countries please contact their embassy for more information.

We will assign the rooms around one month before the start of the training and inform you accordingly. Two to four people are accommodated per room. Married couples are entitled to a double room.

The rooms are available from the beginning of the Bible Experience and are already furnished. For logistical reasons, it is not possible to move in before the start of the training.

  • The program takes place according to the announcement. The tracks will be published in March 2022 and posted on the website.
  • The final timetable including all speakers will also be published in March 2022.
  • The lessons are either in German or English (alternating) and we translate into German or English simultaneously. So the experience is a perfect place to improve your language skills.
  • Participation in the experience is mandatory and requires that you be present at all times. Absences are only allowed in justified individual cases (e.g. final exams). We therefore advise you not to receive any or only a few visitors. Free time is always on Sunday and once on a long weekend (Thursday evening to Sunday). Otherwise no holidays are planned.

During the first few weeks of the experience, we will put the teams together. We organize the various possible outreach options as a team. You are part of the process and get an insight into the organization of an outreach.

After successfully completing the experience, you will receive a certificate for intercultural work.