Volunteer projects in the Middle East

With the "Hands on" project, we want to address the needs in Israel and support the people in a practical way. The term "hands on" means "getting involved," and that's exactly what we intend to do! Fields are lying uncultivated, many areas in northern Israel are still evacuated. Palestinian Christians in the West Bank suffer from lack of income and closed border crossings. We will serve and comfort people. We will work in the fields, repair houses, clean abandoned homes, and do all kinds of practical aid.


from August 24 - for 2 weeks oder more


Alongside Jews and Arabs. Where help is needed.

Pitch in and serve people

Hands on

We want to serve people and do good in practical ways. You will pitch in on this mission and be able to help people in need. It involves setting aside your own needs to assist others in their times of hardship.

Ears open

Actions speak louder than words! You will demonstrate through your actions what it means to love! In addition to providing practical assistance, we are committed to listening to people. Many Israelis feel abandoned by others around the world. We aim to stand alongside Israel.

Do good

Your commitment brings positive changes, strengthens the community, and enables valuable personal experiences. Together, we create a better future for the people in Israel.


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