General School Conditions Jerusalem Bible Experience

For the year of 2023

Registration / verification of registration

With your registration you enter into a legally binding registration. Jerusalem Bible Experience has the right to examine applications (reference person / personal interview) and to reject them with justification (e.g. physical or mental impairments, negative references, etc.). A registration is considered binding when Jerusalem Bible Experience sends the participant the information about the school and thus confirms the registration. The Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Bible Experience has the option to exclude participants from the Jerusalem Bible Experience during the training course due to serious violations of the requirements of the school.

Flights and accommodation, airport transportation

All participants book their journey to and from Israel themselves. The participants also organize the transport from the airport to the accommodation in Jerusalem themselves. Jerusalem Bible Experience assumes no liability for flights and transportation to Israel.

Dropping out of the Experience, not attending, cancellation at short notice

Once the registration has been confirmed by the Jerusalem Bible Experience, a contract will exist between the participants and the Jerusalem Bible Experience. If a participant has to cancel the Jerusalem Bible Experience, the following regulations apply:

  • Justified cancellation three months before the start of school: free of charge
  • Justified cancellation two months before the start of school: reimbursement of expenses CHF 500.00
  • Justified cancellation one month before the start of school: reimbursement of expenses CHF 1,000.00
  • Justified cancellation 10 – 1 day before school starts: First month must be paid

Legal information, insurance

Jerusalem Bible Experience is considered a school, we are not a tour operator. As the Jerusalem Bible Experience, we have liability insurance. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Payment, school fees

School fees are billed around six weeks before school starts and must be paid 1 month before school starts. School fees can be paid in monthly installments (3 payments) or as a one-time payment.

Entry requirements

All travel participants are responsible for the necessary entry documents and for entering Israel themselves. For travel to Israel, citizens from Germany, Austria and Switzerland need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date. If a participant is denied entry due to incomplete travel documents, the Jerusalem Bible Experience declines all liability.

Security in Israel

We reserve the right to change the school program at short notice due to the political situation. In Israel, we deliberately work with the local agency Keshet ( We have a professional security concept and work according to the highest Israeli standards in terms of security. We advise that there may be political unrest in Israel / Palestine.

Liability and limitation thereof of Jerusalem Bible Experience

Jerusalem Bible Experience is liable for the correct running of the school within the framework of the legal provisions. Jerusalem Bible Experience shall not be liable if the failure or improper performance of the contract is due to:

  1. Omissions by the participants before or during school operations, e.g. by disregarding school regulations or safety regulations.
  2. Unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party involved in the provision of a contractually agreed service.
  3. Negligence of external companies such as bus companies, airlines, hotels, accommodation, goods suppliers, etc.
  4. Jerusalem Bible Experience is not liable for events that arise due to defective services by other service providers.
  5. The Jerusalem Bible Experience can organize a replacement for changes resulting from events through no fault of your own (e.g. illness of advertised speakers, etc.).
  6. Force majeure (acts of war, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, hurricanes, national strikes, etc.) or an event which the Jerusalem Bible Experience, the agent or other service providers, despite due diligence, could not foresee or avert.
  7. Jerusalem Bible Experience is not liable if participants do not comply with the jointly defined agreements or violate safety regulations.
  8. Jerusalem Bible Experience is not liable for events that take place outside of school hours and are therefore the responsibility of the participants (free time).
  9. If the school has to be canceled or interrupted at short notice (0 – 30 days in advance) due to force majeure, a pandemic or an epidemic, the participants will contribute to the upcoming rental costs of their room (expressly limited to the accommodation!). The maximum liability is CHF 2000.00 / person.

In the cases mentioned, any liability for damages on the part of Jerusalem Bible Experience is excluded.