Our why

We believe in a generation of people who are sensitized to the cultural diversity in Europe. A generation that is firmly rooted in the Bible and thus lives God’s kingdom. A generation that lives the words of Matthew 28:20: Go now and make disciples of all the nations!

Explore on the spot

We see the knowledge of the Bible decline rapidly in the western world. That is why we focus on the Gospels and the book of Acts in the training phase. We travel through Israel one full day a week and study the Bible on the spot! We enable a 3D experience «on the spot». We will study together in biblical locations and improve our knowledge of the Bible through contextual Bible reading in groups. We were able to win top speakers from all over Europe for the training in Jerusalem. We call this «EXPLORE ON THE SPOT».

Impact for life

We see how many refugees and migrants live in Europe. Unfortunately this multitude of cultures in Europe is not properly reflected in our church communities. Many of these ethnic groups are absent from our churches – even though they live among us. With the BlessNations Experience, we want to create the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Jewish and Arab culture. We create intercultural encounters and self-confidence in personal interaction with people from the Islamic and Jewish context. Our dream is clear: We want (young) leaders to return to Europe after these three months and help in their local churches, communities and parishes to reach migrants with the gospel. We call this «IMPACT FOR LIFE».

Act to make a difference

We see how these three months will be a huge benefit for people. We help one another to identify our individual calling. We plan the next steps together. We grow, encourage and serve one another. We celebrate and eat together. We serve the local people in our training phase and the outreach. During these three months we have experienced top leaders from Europe with us. We deal with Islam and Judaism. We love Israel. These three months should be a formative benefit for all participants. We call this «ACT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE».

Meet the team

Martin Bühlmann

Teamlead Vineyard Dach

Geru Furrer

Founder BlessThun and BlessNations

Adi Furrer

Founder Ekklesia, Co-Founder Acts and BlessThun

Noà Furrer


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